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(INDIANAPOLIS) –  This will be Indiana’s first Super Bowl with legal sports betting, and not all the wagering action will focus on the field.

The Indiana Gaming Commission has approved seven prop bets with nothing to do with who wins or what the score is. You can bet on the color of the postgame Gatorade, who gets thanked first by the MVP, and whether a given player will announce his retirement after the game. And you can put money on the coin toss in three different ways: You can bet on the coin toss: heads or tails, which player will call it correctly, and whether the Chiefs or 49ers will win both the toss and the game. 

A seventh prop bet asks whether there will be a flea flicker. Three teams rolled out the trick play in the conference championships two years ago, but there hasn’t been one in a Super Bowl since the New York Giants ran one 33 years ago in Super Bowl XXI.

Casino Association of Indiana president Matt Bell says the vast majority of the wagering will be on who wins and other in-game bets. But he says the prop bets add an entertaining sidebar for fans who don’t see themselves as football experts but want a piece of the action.

Two of the most popular subjects of prop bets nationally, the national anthem and the halftime show, aren’t among those authorized in Indiana.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)