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Photo: LUXE Interior. Flex Bedroom in The Center Piece Home. 

As we reflect on the 98th Annual Indianapolis Home Show, we noticed a lot of new trends, some styles you may recognize. Don’t worry shag carpet is not one of the comeback looks!

Let’s start with the color of the year. This year it was announced that classic blue is the color for 2020. Lots of bold dark navy blue could be seen in booths inside the Home Show. From cabinets to accent pieces to outdoor patio, that rich blue could be found everywhere.

Some additional popular colors were mostly earth tones; different shades of green in particular. Even though the color of the year is blue, earthy tones are what seem to be in every set up. The Center Piece Home by Davis Homes showcased that perfectly.

Shelby Upchurch with LUXE Home Interiors told us the inspiration behind the décor of the house was “Bohemian chic.” Muted colors like greys, matte blacks, and splashes of greenery were seen through the home. With the Bohemian theme, Shelby said their goal was show how this west coast inspired look could be sophisticated and affordable with a sense of longevity.

Along with the muted and matte colors, statement pieces are trending right now. Remember that bold blue we were talking about?

Statement pieces can really transform a room, but you have to be smart about it. Sabrina Cox, Remodeling Specialist and Designer with Booher Remodeling, says, “Statement pieces are good in small quantities.” She gave an example of a kitchen island. Painting the island a bold color or adding a more furniture look with doors or a bold color for the cabinets. If you go with a big piece make sure to keep the rest of the room a little more uniform.

Booher Remodeling blue cabinet set at Home Show 2020

Photo: Booher Remodeling. A beautiful example of a a big statement piece. 


If you are someone who likes to change with each yearly trend you may want to think a bit different. Shelby told us a great solution is to invest in those classic furniture looks and colors and use accessories like pillows, rugs, etc. to bring in bold colors and textures. Simply make those statement pieces a little more interchangeable.

For counter tops, Cambria quartz is what 80{5ad3c25f5d8a6462a9daae157324f98d5b0edc4be0c0ed5ad8ca367936c1d337} of Booher customers use. Why? Quartz gives a classic look to the kitchen without the hassle of noticeable wear-n-tear that granite comes with. Cambria quartz also has a more stable color, but still keeping a sense of uniqueness.

We saved the best trend for last, hopefully you are sitting- brass is back. Now you are either cheering or rolling your eyes, as brass is a very particular taste. We aren’t talking the shiny brass from the 90s, but more of a matte finish. Shelby says, “anything matte with a flat finish is really hot right now.” That goes for colors to brass finishes.

At the end of the day, what it comes down to is what you like. If you want a 50s/60s style turquoise kitchen set (yes we saw one,) then go for it! Your home is a place where you feel your best and most comfortable.  


50s Kitchen set at home show 2020

Photo: Allison Lemons. WIBC. An adorable kitchen set for those who love vintage. Found at the Lee’s supply booth. 


Are there any trends you’ve seen this year that you are incorporating in your own home?

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