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Republican Rep. Randy Frye of Greensburg is dropping his push for a controversial bill that would have required all youths to wear protective helmets while riding a bicycle, skateboard or skates on public property.

The initial proposal would have given police officers the option to issue $25.00 fines to violators under age 18 or impound their bike until the child is shown to have a proper helmet.

Rep. Frye said he was modifying his bill to focus on providing free helmets to youths because many legislators considered a helmet requirement too intrusive.

Frye said he now hopes to create a program within the state’s Department of Homeland Security to distribute helmets and provide education about their use.

“We still intend to get as many helmets as we can buy into the hands of public safety across our state and eventually, with training, into the hands of these young people to protect them,” Frye said.

The Indiana House is expected to vote on the bill Monday.

Monday morning, WIBC host Tony Katz commented on Rep. Frye’s initial bill.

“[Rep. Frye] has no business being in the Indiana House of Representatives. What are you, nuts? You were intending to take people’s property and impound it in order to force those people to buy things. Nobody said to you ahead of time, ‘What are you thinking? What’s wrong with you?’ We’re Republicans, we don’t do this.’

“You have a terrible team, sir. You have a garbage team and you should fire everyone in your office. And if your team DID advise you against this bill and you decided to do it anyway, just resign today.”

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