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(Photo by Angeli Kakade/WISH-TV)

IndyGo is implementing new improvements to its Red Line “rapid” transit route, announcing this week that it will install audible crosswalk signals at all Red Line stations over the next few months as well as replace the rubber medians with concrete along Meridian Street starting Wednesday.

The audible crosswalk signals are designed to alert passengers with visual impairments that the “walk” sign is displayed and it is safe to cross. 

“The Mobility Advisory Committee is excited to hear that IndyGo is choosing to implement these accessibility improvements,” said Greg Meyer, chair of IndyGo’s Mobility Advisory Committee, according to Gerry Dick with Inside Indiana Business. “The ability to use an auditory cue to determine when it’s safe to cross the street has a major impact on IndyGo’s visually impaired riders, and all pedestrians along the corridor.”

IndyGo says it is also replacing the rubber medians along Meridian Street with concrete to better protect against wear and tear. 

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the updates during his Wednesday morning broadcast.

“The Red Line is illogical. Oh, and this blue line and this purple line, they’re illogical too. Just get it; you’re wrong on this one, so just stop. The Red Line is a failure and the longer we pour money into it to prove an ideological point, the bigger the failure becomes.

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