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CONCORD, N.H. — Fresh off his strong performance in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg has caught up with Senator Bernie Sanders in the latest polling data out of New Hampshire.

In the Boston Globe-Suffolk poll taken February 4th, Sanders had a five-point lead over Buttigieg in second. In the same poll take February 5th as the result of the Iowa Caucuses were being released, Buttigieg gained back four of those points.

Right now, Sanders is polling in at 24-percent in New Hampshire, with Buttigieg is second at 23-percent, and third place is Joe Biden at 11-percent.

“Pete Buttigieg has poached elderly voters from Joe Biden, who has disappointed them by finishing fourth in Iowa,” Suffolk University Polling Research Director Davide Paleologos told Fox News. “Now, Biden’s polling fourth in New Hampshire and the electability argument against Donald Trump is unconvincing to these elderly voters who are now voting for Buttigieg, in part because they don’t feel comfortable supporting Sanders or Warren.”

Buttigieg has seemingly defeated Sanders in Iowa by just two votes.

(PHOTO: Barcroft Media/Getty Images)