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Tony Katz:

Why is IndyGo so political? No, seriously, IndyGo people, What’s with you? Why is there a an IndyGo bus that is painted in a rainbow? It says ride with pride, of course for pride month, and the post on X says “did somebody call for a sexy bus? This baddie will be serving looks tomorrow during the Indy Pride parade. See you there!” Would IndyGo allow a bus to be to have the NRA logo if the NRA convention was in town? You know the Southern Baptists are in town this this week 16,000 Southern Baptists coming to Indianapolis to spend their money and have a good time. “Welcome, glad you’re all here. Have fun, spend your money and then, you know, bye.” Would that have been allowed? Is anybody gonna discuss the politics with this? Could you IndyGo just, you know, be people who, you know, manage the buses? Could you just do that? Could you for 5 minutes just do your thing? “Ohh, sure Tony. You’re allowed to say whatever you want, but we can’t?” I’m in the radio business. You operate buses. There’s a difference, you absolute loons. Yeah, don’t tell me your politics. Don’t be sharing anything. Just operate buses… I’m just curious, what do they say no to? What buses do they not decorate? What events do they not decorate buses for? You decided to get into this IndyGo. I’m just asking where you draw the line? And why will we not be surprised with where you draw the line?

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