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Tony Katz:

Ronald Reagan, June 6th, 1984. We are 80 years removed from, quite literally, a day that changed the course of history. And we are all better off for it. They don’t teach it maybe the way they should. It doesn’t get expressed very real in a very real way the way it should, its impact somehow mitigated. And it shouldn’t be. The invasion, if you will. The landing. On Normandy. Juno on Sword on these beaches on Omaha, this is. This is the worthy stuff of legend. And we are a far different world than a far different nation, not because we did it, but because we did it and succeeded. And gave the cost and that is worth noting and worth remembering that there are things worth fighting for, that there is something better out there, and it is absolutely OK to say so. It’s OK to believe so. It’s OK to recognize that when the call came, the United States was there because we believed in ourselves, and we believed in the better tomorrow. This whole concept of the shining city on the hill is the idea of what is possible tomorrow, what can be better? It is still a worthy guiding principle. D-Day is worth remembering and worth mentioning to your kids. It isn’t just a Thursday. So don’t treat it like one.

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