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Anderson Police Officers

Source: Anderson PD / WIBC Social Media

ANDERSON, Ind. — It was originally a welfare call to check on some kids in a river. When police arrived, they found themselves in a life-threatening situation.

It was last Thursday, May 23rd, when Anderson Police officers made their way to Edgewater Park. Someone called police saying a few kids were unattended and playing in the nearby river. When police arrived, they did not see any children, but instead saw something else.

“As they were searching the area, completely unrelated, they located a female that was in the river,” says Anderson Police Officer Caleb McKnight, “they noticed something wasn’t right and they called out to the female. They were able to quickly assess that she was unresponsive and possibly in danger of drowning.”

Each officer jumped into the water and pulled the woman out of the river. They were able to get her breathing and responsive, and eventually off to the hospital. The woman managed to survive.

Officers Joe Heath, William Smith, Zeke Bolinger and Ricardo Camarena were the men on scene. Their names have been submitted for the Anderson Police Department’s Life Saving Award for their efforts at Edgewater Park.