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bright orange traffic cones standing in a row on dark asphalt

Source: Ivan Savini / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — If you usually take southbound I-465 to work, you may want to find a new route to avoid road closures.

Southbound lanes from I-70 to I-65 closed on Friday for patching and bridge work. This closure is supposed to last around three weeks.

During this time, ramps will also be closed at these entrance points: Pendleton Pike, Washington Street/U.S. 40, Brookville Road/U.S. 52, I-70, South Shadeland Avenue, Southeastern Avenue, and Emerson Avenue.


So, if you will be impacted by these closures, what should you do?

Well, INDOT recommends:

1. Exiting from SB-465 to WB-70

2. Taking WB-70 to the North Split

3. Preparing to use Exit 111 (stay on the left side of I-70 for the thru-traffic exit)

4. After exiting to SB-65/70, continuing southbound through the South Split

5. Traveling SB-65 for four miles back to WB-465

Note: While this route will get you where you need to go, it could be quite congested.

But, in better news, northbound lanes should not be impacted by this work.