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Indy Carjacker


INDIANAPOLIS — A rideshare driver was carjacked and shot on E. 36th Street on Wednesday. Bryant Hoskins was arrested and is now facing charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, possession of a machine gun, and theft of a gun.

The victim told police that Hoskins took her car and shot her when she tried to stop him.

Detectives, noting similarities to a previous robbery, found Hoskins entering an apartment and peacefully arrested him. Police suspect Hoskins may have also been involved in a carjacking last week on the 7900 block of E. 38th Street.

“Their collaboration brought forth a quick arrest of this individual,” said IMPD Officer Tommy Thompson.

Thompson says that he hasn’t heard of rideshare drivers being specifically targeted but adds that it’s important not to resist, especially when facing an armed robber.

“It’s a vehicle; you can always replace it,” said Thompson. You can never replace a life. Contact the police as soon as you can if they have your vehicle. If they take your phone, then go to the closest place where you can get help.”

Thompson suggests that if you’re a rideshare driver and feel unsafe, head to a well-lit area and stick to places with lots of traffic and people.