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Every soldier who stormed the beach, who dropped by parachute or landed by glider, every sailor who manned the thousands of ships and landing craft, every aviator who destroyed German controlled airfields, bridges and railroads, all were backed by other brave Americans. Including hundreds of thousands of people of color and women who courageously serve despite unjust limitation on what they could do for their nation. ~ Joe Biden – Normandy, France, June 6th, 2024

D-Day 80th Anniversary Ceremony At Normandy American Ceremony

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Tony Katz:

Well, I thought Joe Biden was actually gonna have a speech worthy of D-Day, but as you just heard, Nah. He is in Normandy, the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. The invasion of Normandy 156,000 allied troops landing June 6, 1944 the largest invasion in history, changing the course of history. And Joe Biden decided this is a good time for woke. It’s a good time to remember, hey, we, we freed the world, but we were bad people too.

President Biden Celebrates Americans With Disabilities Act And Marks Disability Pride Month

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Katz continues:

This is exactly the kind of nonsense. Exactly the kind of radicalness. Ridiculousness. Pathetic-ness. Focus on the conversation at hand. Focus on what is happening. You’re going to, you’re going to decide that in this moment where America quite clearly freed the world. But we were bigots.

America had its issues, true. America continues to have its issues, it’s true. But when the moment came, we absolutely destroyed fascism. We destroyed the enemy and then we rebuilt them. Not as enemies, but as friends. It was a willingness, it was a desire, it was an understanding that there was something better in us.

President Biden Holds Campaign Rally In Philadelphia

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Katz continues:

The problem with Joe Biden right there is he will not even make the understanding, make the leap to how much better society is today in the conversations and the constructs he is discussing. No, it is still somehow a throwback, still somehow wrong, still somehow terrible, still somehow bigoted, no discussion of what has gotten better. Only that somehow, we’re still evil. Let’s discuss what’s gotten worse. The idea of will. The idea of strength. The idea of recognizing an enemy where it exists and fighting that enemy. Does that still exist? Does that still resonate in the hearts of men, in the hearts of Americans? I have got a president who doesn’t believe that a terrorist organization should be removed from power. But the democracy that is attacked should somehow accept that the terrorist organization gets to stay.

President Biden Holds Campaign Event In Pennsylvania

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Katz continues:

These are strange times. Strange times. And we have got the wrong people in place. America, being the indispensable superpower can only happen if we determine ourselves to be indispensable, and we remind people of what that means.

That is not to erase the history, but rather embrace and recognize, to embrace also the light, the travel that we have done together. And the travel yet to happen and becoming that more perfect union, not to hate ourselves for it, but to recognize how much better it has gotten. But that better it has gotten is clearly tempered by the unwillingness in today’s world to act like the nation we were in 1944, to recognize that there is good and there is evil, there is right and there is wrong, and it must be fought on their beaches. That there are things worth dying for, that there is a reason to be a member of the world, and there is a reason to lead it. I get that that’s unpopular today, not just amongst the political left, but amongst the political right that is more interested in an isolationist philosophy. I am not one of those people. I do not need to be the policeman of the world, but damn it if I’m going to let the world fall apart around me. Because it means bad things for me and for my kids. Oh, and your kids as well.

US President Joe Biden...

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Katz sums up:

It would be nice if amongst Biden’s conversations about “look how terrible we were to people of color” if we also recognized how terrible we’re being today. When we don’t take on the threats head on. It’s unacceptable to hear a president of the United States wanting to talk strong like he is Truman or Churchill. When he’s far more like Chamberlain.

President Biden Holds Campaign Rally In Philadelphia

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