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Severe Weather Chances

Source: X / @NWS

INDIANAPOLIS — A weak cold front moving across the state could cause isolated severe storms today. Showers this afternoon might escalate into strong storms, particularly in areas south of Bloomington and into the Ohio Valley.

“Along the I-70 corridor, there will probably be a thunderstorm a little later today,” said Alex McGinnis, National Weather Service. “The cold front is going to stall out when it gets down into Southern Indiana, and that’s going to help focus some of the warm, humid air down there, and there will be a chance for more organized thunderstorms in Southern Indiana toward the Ohio Valley.”

McGinnis says that because the storms are moving slowly, there’s a chance of isolated flooding in low-lying areas. Later today, due to lingering humid air, there could be more storms in southern Central Indiana, possibly producing a few strong thunderstorms.

The forecast for the Indianapolis 500 is still being determined. It’ll be humid, with temperatures reaching the 80s. While there’s a chance of rain on Sunday, it’s unclear how much.

“To say where and when rain will occur, we can’t say that yet,” says McGinnis. “There should be some showers around Sunday, perhaps numerous showers. Could there be some embedded thunderstorms? For sure. Will they happen in the Speedway at the time of the race? I can’t tell you that yet. But certainly, there is a chance for several showers on Sunday.”