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Stephen A. Smith sure was confident about his Knicks going into game 7:

Those who have watched Smith’s coverage of the Playoffs have noticed what a “homer” he was for the Knicks. Oh, the Knicks are so great. Here’s Spike Lee. Knicks this, Knicks that.. Knicks, Knicks, Knicks..

Well, the Knicks lost, and their run in this year’s NBA Playoffs is over.

Stephen A. Smith was taken down a notch:

Tony Katz:

He should be forced to eat his words. It should be relentless on Stephen A. Smith. You know in a joyful way, no one has to be angry about this. He should have to sit back and take the heat from Hoosiers… You go out there, and you claim to be the best at this, the best at this, you know this, and you know that. Damn you look like a fool.

Do you ever see what he does to Cowboy fans? … He’s not a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys won’t make the playoffs, or they will lose in the playoffs, and he’ll just take the camera on his phone, and make it pan over to him, and then he just starts laughing… it’s not very nice. It’s actually very rude and very mean. And that’s exactly what should happen to Stephen A. Smith from Pacers fans.

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