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They weren’t going to debate President Trump. He’s a “threat to democracy.” They didn’t want to dignify this insurrectionist by debating him. But now they want to debate (because Biden’s polls are dropping)?

You want a preview of the debate. All you have to do is listen to their talking points:


Nadler during the Trump presidency said Trump was tearing children from their families and putting them in cages. The cages that he was referring to came during the Obama administration. Secondly, what kind of family would endanger their children by crossing them illegally across the southern border?

Speaking of children, Democrats like you to believe that everything they do is “for the children”. Yet they promote genital mutilation for children and call it “gender affirming care”. In this fiery exchange Department of Health and Human Services’ Xavier Becerra denies that he is forcing doctors to mutilate children, yet his department intends to withhold federal funding to hospitals that don’t.

Tony Katz:

I find it to be a very odd way to run for political office to not only be in favor of this “gender affirming care” but to cheer it and to then say “hey federal agencies demand that the people you give taxpayer money to do the things we want, otherwise don’t fund them, including the mutilation of children.

Then there’s this. The House has put together legislation that would deport illegal aliens who have assaulted police officers. 148 House Democrats voted against the bill.

Tony Katz:

148 Democrats are now on record saying that if an illegal immigrant attacks a cop “that’s cool”. Is this how you win elections?

The Democrat “Brand” of “burn it all down” is dangerous to the country, and the political left believes they can get your vote by doing this.

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