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Gun Found in Grass

Source: IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS–There was a fatal officer-involved shooting in Indianapolis on the northwest side Wednesday morning.

At around 11:47 am, IMPD was called to the 6300 block of Watercrest Way, which is a cul-de-sac near West 71st Street and Zionsville Road. That is where they say they found a person alive, but with a gunshot wound.

“A short time later, officers located a suspect running between houses in the 6500 block of Apollo Way. They believe he was armed, but did not chase him at that particular point. Another officer arrived on scene got out of his marked car and as he was running up to one of the houses. He encountered the suspect and yelled ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ Then there was an exchange of gunfire. The suspect was struck. The officer was not hit,” said IMPD Chief Chris Bailey.

The suspect who was shot ended up dying. Apollo Way is a road in the same neighborhood. Bailey says a firearm was found near the suspect.

“Our officers are doing their job and trying to take that person into custody. We prefer that people do the right thing and put the gun down and surrender so that we don’t have to have these kinds of things happen,” said Bailey.

Bailey thinks it is likely that the suspect shot by the officer is the same man who shot the other person on Watercrest Way.

“Our officer is on administrative leave now, which is standard protocol in situations like this,” said Bailey.