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Blurred police lights.

Source: (Photo: Joe Choe16/Thinkstock.)

INDIANAPOLIS — A man from Indianapolis has been arrested in a police drug bust.

William Collins, 45, was pulled over on North Emerson Avenue Monday night after a detective with the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force spotted Collins during a drug sale in a parking lot.

Detectives apparently found a gun on Collins, which he’s not supposed to have due to his criminal record.

Police received a search warrant and went through a business on East 38th Street. That’s where detectives found three more guns, two of which were stolen, around 900 rounds of ammo, 600 grams of cocaine, five pounds of meth, one pound of marijuana and 70 grams of pressed fentanyl pills.

William Collins was arrested and now faces charges of dealing in meth, dealing in a narcotic drug, and possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon.