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Gov. Holcomb Vetoes Bill

Source: Office of Governor Eric Holcomb / Gov. Holcomb

STATEWIDE — Your governor has vetoed the anti-Semitism speech bill, but it could still find a way to become law.

Basically, the bill would define what is anti-Semitism speech on college campuses. It was last Friday when Governor Eric Holcomb said he was holding off on signing the bill due to some challenges other groups had with its included language. That issue carried over into Monday.

In a press release issued Monday, Governor Holcomb said the bill has two main problems: the language is confusing, and the bill does not include a definition and examples as laid out by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

Holcomb said Friday that not clarifying this language would make Indiana an outlier compared to 35 other states and countries.

“While I applaud the General Assembly’s effort to address and define anti-Semitism, I cannot agree with the outcome therefore I vetoed HEA 1002. However, I also refuse to leave a void as to Indiana’s stance on antisemitism. That is why I am happy to share I have also signed a proclamation reiterating that Indiana condemns all forms of antisemitism and ensures we join numerous states and countries by supporting the entire IHRA definition with its inextricable examples.”

The Senate and House could still push the bill forward to becoming law by July 1st, if both bodies can pull together enough votes from lawmakers to override the governor’s veto.