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Silver handcuffs on a crackled gray background.

Source: (Photo by Jiri Hera/Getty.)

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A New Jersey man who had been living in Pendleton, Indiana was arrested by State Police Wednesday night.

Officers say 70-year-old Robert Flynn was wanted for having child pornography. So, they worked with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department in New Jersey to find him and take him into custody.

They found him at a home on Woodchuck Drive around 9:45 p.m.

Once they arrived, they claim Flynn tried to run and resisted arrest, so he was tased and taken to the hospital. He was later cleared and moved to the Madison County Jail.

The man is now facing misdemeanor charges for Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct, in addition to the charges on his arrest warrant.