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Delphi Riley Park

Source: Delphi Police / Delphi PD Facebook Page

DELPHI, Ind. — It’s almost a little too familiar for Delphi, Indiana – a man meeting two young girls in the woods after meeting online.

It was last Thursday when Delphi Police got a call about a man taking two young girls into the woods behind the cabin at Riley Park. Police arrived to find the man and the girls, already 100 yards deep into the woods, smoking weed.

The man is 24 years old, no name given by police. Police claim he’s from another town and came to Delphi after connecting with one of the girls, both aged 15, over Snapchat.

The man claims he thought the girls were 19 years old.

Delphi Police want you to stay alert and check what your kids are doing on their phones to avoid situations like this.

Delphi Police Chief Nathan LaMar tells WIBC News the man is still under investigation, details of which are being sent to the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges.

The details of the story strike a little too close to home for people in Delphi, as it’s similar to the details leading up to the 2017 double murder of Abigail Williams and Liberty German. The girls apparently had some contact with a catphish social media profile, and of course Snapchat was the app used to capture pictures and audio of the man believed to be the killer.

Richard Allen of Delphi was eventually charged with Williams and German’s murders, but that case is far from over.

The next major court hearing is March 18th, where prosecutors will attempt to hold Allen’s attorneys in contempt of court and the judge will hear arguments as to why Allen should be further charged.