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Bring on Michigan. Trump expected to win again, Haley stays in.

USA map series with state Michigan, with flag

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Tony Katz covered this, and the following on today’s Tony Katz and the Morning News:

Just say No to the SOTU? – Biden on Seth Meyers.

2023 Clinton Global Initiative

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Whitmer is terrible. Whitmer expects anti-Biden vote to be big in Michigan –

Because Tony is going to be out, we have Two Tony Katz Music Moments Today!

Artist – King Harvest

Song – Dancing in the Moonlight

Album – Dancing in the Moonlight

Year – 1973 (song originally released in 1970 by Boffalongo)

Kroger & Albertsons merger getting blowback. Regulators sue to block merger of supermarket giants Kroger and Albertsons (

Japan is going to the moons of Mars – 


Popcorn in red and white container on a dark background

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Irish woman who has lost her country to immigrants is our Popcorn moment.  


Progressives believe that Parents have no rights.  


Biden hopes to have a cease fire by Monday.  Biden says he hopes to see a cease-fire by next Monday in Israel-Hamas war (



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Michigan Primary Today, Nikki points out the red flags. Biden won’t be the Nominee come convention. It will be Michelle Obama says Tony.

israel flag

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Tony’s leaving for Israel tomorrow.  

Sternberg replaces Merris at Bluebeard – 

2nd Music Moment song of the Day 

Artist – The Mavericks

Song – Back In your Arms Again

Album – In Time

Year – 2013

Colorful birthday candles on cake

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It’s Producer Karl’s Birthday. 

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