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Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana’s 3rd, and candidate for Senate to join Tony Katz Today to talk about multiple issues. Tony Katz first asked Banks about the cryptic warning posted by Rep Mike Turner:

Because of its classified nature, Banks was unable to say much other than that he would be viewing the documents before comment.

The conversation quickly turned to the impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas.



For all the reasons we’re impeaching Mayorkas, we should be impeaching Joe Biden. Plus, the corruption of his family, the abuse of his powers, using the FBI to cover up information about his son’s crimes. All of the foreign entanglements that the Biden family has with the money they’ve taken through Hunter and his activities. My hope is that now we move into the more serious matter, that is impeaching Joe Biden, the most corrupt President we’ve ever had in American history.

While a removal by the Senate is unlikely, Banks argues that the trial in the Senate will be very important in its transparency as the facts come out.

The conversation was not limited to the impeachments. Tony asked Banks about the cryptic warning posted by Rep Mike Turner:

Banks also discussed the recent Foreign Aid package passed by the Senate, and whether the House will be pressured to fold. In addition, Banks responded to John Rust allegations that he is weak on illegal immigration.

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