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Pothole Crisis

Source: Ryan Hedrick / WIBC Radio

INDIANAPOLIS — Potholes are becoming a real headache for Hoosiers, popping up everywhere and worsening daily.

Hoosiers are shelling out big bucks, often hundreds of dollars, to fix their vehicles after hitting these pesky potholes on the roads. It’s causing a lot of frustration and costing folks more than just a bumpy ride.

“I’m glad when I dodge them, and I think I am a little perturbed when I hit them,” a man told WIBC News on Friday. “Last year, I spent nearly a thousand dollars fixing my car.”

According to the City of Indianapolis, potholes form when water seeps into road cracks, freezes, and expands, lifting the pavement. As the ice melts, a space is left. The pavement collapses when a vehicle drives over it, creating a pothole. It’s a sneaky process happening right under our wheels.

Crews are fixing the roads with the NBA All-Star Weekend in Indy just around the corner. But for some Hoosiers, those fixes aren’t cutting it.

Another man said, “I wish the city would be a little bit more vocal about their plans for fixing the potholes. Especially when you’re commuting out of the city, it’s just ridiculous.”

To report a pothole, use RequestIndy online or call 317-327-4622 through the Mayor’s Action Center. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but is closed on Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m.