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Jason Hammer joined Ethan Hatcher on Saturday Night on the Circle to discuss the controversial Blue Line that’s being proposed. Indiana State Senator Aaron Freeman has authored SB 52 which would prevent dedicated lanes for buses.

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This has triggered radicals on the left like self-declared Socialist City-County Counciler Jesse Brown to threaten businesses who question whether dedicated bus lanes down their street would be good for their business.

Freeman is not backing away from his bill despite cold feet from these businesses who have been harassed.

Speaking with Ethan, Jason comments:

All we’re asking is don’t make it a dedicated lane. Allow other folks to go around these buses from time to time… but that’s asking too much apparently.

The Blue Line is being proposed after the North – South Red Line, which has dedicated lanes for buses, cut car lanes by half. Considering the lackluster “success” of the Red Line and the disruption it’s had to businesses along its route, proposing something less disruptive with the Blue Line would seem logical. But all do not agree.


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