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Woman and man toasting with bottle beer together

Source: Ivan / Getty

STATEWIDE — A House Bill currently being looked over at the Indiana Statehouse could bring back the concept of Happy Hour to Indiana, a practice that has been banned since 1985.

Currently Hoosier businesses are allowed to sell discounted drinks on specific days, but not for specific time frames on any given day. H.B 1086 would allow for businesses to sell alcohol at a discounted price for four hours a day, but no longer than for 15 hours in a week. The hours can be consecutive or divided. Businesses will still not be allowed to discount prices for Happy Hour between 10p.m. and 3a.m.

The H.B. 1086 would also legalize the sale of both warm and cold carryout alcohol in containers that are marked as containing alcohol. It also would enable the delivery of alcohol from beer retailers to people’s homes.

The bill doesn’t just focus on discounts and delivery. It would also permit a business to raise prices for alcoholic beverages if paid live entrainment is being provided.

H.B. 1086 passed its committee vote with 12 yays and 1 nay.