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Political advisor and Chief Communications Officer at the American First Policy Institute Marc Lotter joined Tony Katz and the Morning News to talk about Trump’s victory last night. The open question is how long is Nikki Haley going to stay in this race? Lotter asks:

When you get to South Carolina, her home state, the Real Clear Politics average has her losing by 30. How do you lose your home state by 30 and hope to continue?

2024 South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Polls | RealClearPolling

Tony asked Marc whether or not Nikki’s overperformance in New Hampshire created a problem for Trump. Marc answers:

When you look at the exit polling, when it comes to Republican voters, Nikki Haley got less than 25% of actual Republican voters. She was relying on Independent, and Democratic leaning Independents to try to bring her across the finish line. Well, that’s not really going to be the case going forward. She has a very uphill battle.

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