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Senator Rand Paul was recently on the Laura Ingraham show and said that the consequence for Anthony Fauci should be jail. Tony Katz said the following:

Anthony Fauci is indeed guilty. No, he didn’t start Covid, but he allowed the coverup. He tried to sell us a bill of goods, while refusing to admit, yes indeed, that through his hands funding went to the Wuhan lab in order look at these bad viruses. That they were looking at and actively funding gain of function research. There is no debate here. Anthony Fauci is a disgrace. Anthony Fauci deserves all the derision he gets and then some.

Hold them accountable, Tony urged on his syndicated “Tony Katz Today” show. Tony believes Fauci is deserving of all the criticism he gets, and that China is responsible for Covid. What happened in China is that they mapped the Covid virus two weeks before they announced to the world that this thing happened.

Chinese Lab Mapped Deadly Coronavirus Two Weeks Before Beijing Told the World, Documents Show (

Tony believes that China knew where the virus originated, and they said, “okay, let’s see what happens”.

Fauci’s covering for them, the World Health Organization is covering for them. With friends like that, you can get away with anything.

What is the plan to hold China accountable?

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