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STATEWIDE — Some Hoosiers are concerned after learning that they may have to find new ways to care for their aging and/or disabled family members.

In a letter released Wednesday, the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) said upcoming changes to the Medicaid program will affect multiple spending avenues, including the Aged & Disabled waiver.

This waiver essentially allows elderly or disabled individuals to live at home, instead of spending their time in assisted living facilities, by helping their family members provide care. Learn more here.

But, now, the FSSA is planning to make changes to this program, due to an “unanticipated growth in spending.”


These changes prevent any more people from being named as “Legally Responsible Individuals,” meaning individuals who were not already serving in that role will not be supported in caring for their family members.

In addition, Hoosiers currently supporting their family members may have to find different providers by July 1st. Some “billing processes” will also change.

So, what does this mean?

Essentially, the FSSA is making it more difficult for Hoosiers to receive funding to provide care at home. Program cutbacks may require those who currently stay home to return to the workplace, which could force families to pay for outside care on their own.

If you will be impacted by this change, you are encouraged to email

Image of FSSA Information Sent to Parents

Source: Photo Courtesy of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administratio / Via Dustin Hardin