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Coy Adkins

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. — A teenager in New Castle is getting lots of props for his actions in rescuing a woman from a fire last week.

Coy Adkins was about to head off to school Friday morning when he and his stepdad noticed smoke coming from the house across the street.

“I put my backpack down and I ran across the street, and I was talking to the neighbor that lives on the other half of the house and she was like ‘Yeah, the lady is still inside.’ So, I just did what I needed to do,” said Adkins on WISH-TV.

Adkins ran in the front door and got low as he crawled to where the woman was in the home.

“I got on my hands and knees, covered my face, got to her,” he said. “I was trying to get her to come a little bit, so she could move towards me, so I can pull her out, and she was maybe like a foot away from the fire.”

He was then able to drag her out of the home and soon after firefighters and paramedics arrived to get the woman to the hospital.

“Very heroic,” said Jeff Murray of Adkins’ actions. Murray is the battalion chief of the New Castle Fire Department. “That’s not something that everybody does all the time. I’ve coached Coy in baseball, younger years, and I told him since we’re starting a fire service program here at the career center, that he has a leg up on everybody.”

“I don’t want to be called a hero. I was just what I was taught,” Adkins said. “I was doing what needed to be done.”

Adkins is a baseball player at New Castle High School and hopes to keep playing baseball in college.