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Tony Katz talked about the following story on his morning show this morning:
It would be irresponsible for Tony to not recognize this big local story reported by TMZ about the Indianapolis Colts owner, which has also been picked up by multiple mainstream outlets.
Quoting from the story Tony reports:

The Carmel Police Department responded to a call back in December at Jim Irsay’s home, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, as they describe it, in his bed unresponsive, cold to the touch and gasping for air. With a “blue skin tone”.

Tony continues:

If this is indeed true, the Irsay family is going to have a lot to answer for… I think I’m understating it at that moment. If this is not true, well then how in the world does the story get posted? The idea that there were documents from the Carmel police department obtained by TMZ. What are these documents? And is there anyone from the Carmel police department, who is clearly listening to this show right now, who can confirm such a thing?

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