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McKinley Mug Shot

Source: Indiana State Police / ISP

FLOYD KNOBS — Indiana State Police made an arrest on Wednesday after investigating a man they say had stolen more than $10,000 after being asked to repair a woman’s heating and air-conditioning system.

Police began to investigate in December when a homeowner first reported that she paid 49-year-old John McKinley of Floyd Knobs, Indiana over $10,000 for the repairs. Detectives learned that McKinley had advised the homeowner that her HVAC system needed to be replaced.

McKinley did remove the old HVAC system after receiving payment, but never returned to complete the rest of the job. Detectives say that the homeowners were using wood stoves to keep their house heated in the meantime and they expected the repairs to be made before the cold temperatures set in.

After review of bank transactions Police sent their information to the Washington County Prosecutor’s office for review. Wednesday, January 10th, a warrant was ordered for McKinley’s arrest with a charge of level 6 felony for theft. He was located, arrested, and transported to the Washington County Jail.