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Tony Katz has been wondering out loud what the ‘win’ was for Hunter by making a bizarre appearance and disappearance from the Oversight Committee meeting determining whether or not he should be found in contempt of Congress.

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It was the weirdest thing in the world. It’s the story you need to hear, and then grab your popcorn.

I’m more interested in what happens now. Hunter Biden defied a Congressional subpoena, now he’s going to be held in contempt, and that’s what the vote is. If Democrats vote no, what they’re saying is, “you are allowed to defy a congressional subpoena.” Democrats will answer that by saying, “Well these weren’t serious charges, but when we bring a subpoena then it’s serious. That’s going to be their argument. It’s going to be on the lines of Republicans, and a threat to democracy, which is a very violent series of statements that will only lead the country to disaster, they don’t care.

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