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Jeffrey Epstein Mug Shot

Source: Kypros / Getty

Mark Epstein, the brother of deceased financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, recently sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss the infamous alleged suicide of his brother.

“When I first heard he was dead from suicide, I had no reason to doubt it. So I accepted that. But then after the autopsy, and after Bill Barr made that asinine statement, I said ‘this was not a suicide,” Mark stated.

Mark continued to state that he had at first “accepted” Epstein’s suicide “as a fact,” highlighting that he had first heard about it on CNN because the “government didn’t notify” him. Epstein’s brother stated that he had first inquired about the billionaires death “after the autopsy,” noting that both a city and private pathologist claimed that it didn’t “look like a suicide.”

“When did you start to think that he did not kill himself?” asked Carlson.

“Well, after the autopsy and both pathologists – the city pathologist and Dr. Baden came out of the autopsy and they said, ‘this doesn’t look like a suicide. It looks more like a homicide,” Mark stated.

Carlson also asked Mark why the cord that he allegedly strangled himself with wasn’t tested for his DNA.

“Yeah nobody seems to know where it is. Also, the way they said he was hanging – and again, he had to be there for at least two hours. When you die … the gravity takes the blood down to the lowest parts of your body and they become blotchy from the blood pooling under the skin, so the back of his legs and his buttocks should have what’s called lividity,” Mark stated.

“They should have this blotchiness like bruising look on the back of his legs and his buttocks. In autopsy photographs show that his legs are clean and clear. So he couldn’t have been hanging that way … for two plus hours. He’d have blood pooling in his legs. That’s not the case.”

It is not an unpopular belief that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t actually kill himself. Carlson himself questioned former President Donald Trump on the death of Epstein in a interview from August 2023 and advocated his belief that the billionaire was killed.