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Source: michaldziki / Getty

RICHMOND, IND –Police hit the jackpot when Officer Amanda Thackrey received an unintended text exposing a major drug operation. The video, complete with pricing details, ended up in the hands of the unsuspecting officer, courtesy of a sender who mistakenly targeted the wrong recipient.


Describing it as a “special delivery right to our doorstep,” the Richmond Police Department shared the amusing turn of events on Facebook.


Recognizing the sender from a previous encounter, Thackrey secured a search warrant for the sender’s residence. On December 11, officers executed the warrant, revealing 14 pounds of marijuana, 633 grams of THC wax valued at $7,000, an assortment of gummies, a handgun, and $522 in cash.


The unintentional texter, a Richmond resident, quickly transitioned from sending texts to wearing handcuffs, facing a preliminary charge of dealing marijuana/hashish/salvia. His new address? The Wayne County Jail.


With a touch of irony, the Richmond police concluded their post with a piece of advice: “Please let this be a reminder to ALWAYS double-check who you are sending that text message to before hitting the send button.”