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Car crashed on Indy's Northwest Side


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to multiple calls of vehicles spinning, driving fast, and recklessly in the area of 28th and Lafayette Road at midnight.

When officers arrived they began formulating a plan to stop the vehicles. While doing so, an officer reported to dispatch they heard multiple shots being fired in the area.

Law enforcement quickly identified a possible suspect for alleged criminal recklessness and reckless driving and attempted to make a traffic stop that led to a pursuit.

The vehicle came to a dead end in the 300 block of Lincoln Road, made a U-turn, and rammed into an IMPD patrol vehicle head-on with an officer inside. A second officer fired shots at the vehicle but did not hit the suspect.

The vehicle then fled at high speed, leading police on a pursuit, crashing into an uninvolved vehicle at the intersection of West 30th Street and Tibbs Avenue.

An IMPD spokesperson says the driver and passenger of the vehicle were taken into custody at the scene.

Two officers received minor injuries, and the driver of the vehicle hit during the chase was treated at the scene by medics.

The officer who shot at the vehicle was put on administrative leave as standard procedure in police shootings and pending further investigation.