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Tony Katz took particular delight in reading the headline about the carjackers who couldn’t drive a stick shift. “It’s the headline for 2023… There is nothing that makes America come together more than a stupid criminal”, says Tony. On a serious note, he talked about all the carjackings that have been going on. “We need good lawyers going forward” to deal with these criminals. The problem is that no good lawyers are coming out of our law schools. Most are liberal. We need more people on the political right to engage in the fight to save our country from the scourge of criminality.

Medical schools are also infected with progressivism. Med School activists talk about giving the land back to the natives. Tony suggested that the left first give California back, and then reminisced about his time in Southern California.

Returning to the topic of law schools, Tony talked about a poll that indicated that 58% of law students preferred to go to a school with those who agree with them.

If you’re surrounded by people who only think like you do, how do you get to challenge assumptions? Exactly the point. It is about eliminating other assumptions. Because there’s only one right answer, there’s only one way to think it. There is only one way to view it. We see this on college campuses all the time.

How do you go about righting the culture if students, and future leaders place more importance in surrounding themselves with those who agree with them?

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