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Thanksgiving parade balloon inflation 2023 in New York

Source: Anadolu / Getty

NEW YORK — The Fishers High School Tiger Marching Band debuted in the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The community has been showing its support for the band throughout the week. Mayor Scott Fadness says that everyone is overwhelmingly positive and excited about their appearance at the iconic parade.


“I think everybody is wishing not only the best for kids but the parents, teachers, and everyone associated with the band,” he said.


The band posted on its Facebook page Thursday morning that they were thankful to everyone who had a hand getting us to this day. They thanked their sponsors, directors, staff and administration, and the boosters who helped them raise the funds to travel.


“It’s probably a lot of stress to be in front of that big of a crowd, but these kids have been working so hard,” Fadness said.


The band comprises 400 students across various ensembles, including concert bands, jazz bands, percussion groups, marching bands, pep bands, colorguard, pit orchestra, and show choir bands.


“I’ve watched these kids stand out in the parking lot in hundred-degree weather in mid-summer practicing their hearts out,” he added.