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Two firefighters hurt at vacant home

Source: IFD / other

INDIANAPOLIS — Two firefighters were hurt in a fire at a vacant house on the east side of Indianapolis.

The call was around 3:30 on Tuesday morning. The house near North Rural and East New York Streets, is known to be frequented by squatters, according to people who live nearby. The fire was in the second story of the house.

“(Firefighters) made an aggressive attack and within about four minutes of getting into the room where the fire was located, the floor gave way and one of the firefighters fell from the second floor into the first floor,” said IFD battalion chief Rita Reith.

In the seconds the female firefighter fell through the floor, another firefighter grabbed her coat as she was falling through and held on to her. As that happened, Reith says the other firefighter was also able to initiate what they call “mayday protocol.”

“The mayday response protocol is a response and rescue protocol that is standard operating procedure,” Reith said. “In this particular case, it was executed flawlessly because we trained for it.”

They got both firefighters out. The female firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. The other firefighter was treated at the scene.

Reith said that investigators are not sure what started the fire yet.