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An English Bulldog outdoors

Source: Mary Swift / Getty

STATEWIDE — There appears to be an illness going around amongst dogs in Indiana.

It’s a mystery respiratory illness, according to veterinary experts. They are not sure where it came from and they are even still trying to pinpoint the exact symptoms of the illness. But, they say if you have the slightest suspicion your dog may be ill you best take them to get checked.

“Not all dogs will eat every day, but you will know if your dog is refusing food,” said Tom Dock, spokesman for Noah’s Animal Hospital in Indy on WISH-TV. “That’s normally an early sign that something is going on. If that is connected with a cough, with sneezing, I would recommend calling your veterinarian as soon as possible.”

The challenge for vets in Indiana, according to Dock, is that there is no “doggy CDC” so they are unable to keep track and see how badly the illness is spreading among dogs. He said the illness has proven to be fatal in some cases as it can lead to the canine equivalent of pneumonia.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, he is advising that you consider other options than boarding your dog while you are away. He says dogs being in close quarters with other dogs is a prime environment of the illness to spread.

“Maybe consider a pet sitter if you’re boarding over the holiday time,” Dock said. “I think right now if your dog is coughing, don’t take them to be boarded, don’t take them to be groomed.”

Dock also wants you to know that you don’t need to panic about this illness, but you should stay vigilant. He advises taking your dog to the vet soon to get checked, even if they are not showing any outward symptoms of being ill.