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Giving Machine

Source: Light the World Indy

INDIANAPOLIS–You probably know about vending machines, but have you ever seen a giving machine? Two of them are coming to Indiana this month.

“A giving machine is a vending machine that’s not for snacks, but it’s full of items for people in need,” said Brenna Donnelly Ford, media director for Giving Machine Indy.

The giving machines will allow you to buy and donate items such as clothing, baby supplies, medicine, and even things like chickens and goats for people in need both in Indiana and around the world.

“I watched a video to see where the items in the giving machines go. For example, one group donates chickens to women in West Africa to help them start a business. So I’m watching this video and realizing that these women are now business owners. This giving machine is making a huge difference in their lives,” said Ford.

Your first opportunity to see the Giving Machines will be at a soft opening on Black Friday November 24 at Clay Terrace Mall in Carmel. The “Grand Unwrapping” on Giving Tuesday (November 28) will take place at Newfields in Indianapolis. The Giving Machines will stay open at both Clay Terrace and Newfields through January 7th, 2024.

“There are 61 locations worldwide. This is the first time we’ve had Giving Machines in Indiana. We’re so excited about that because these machines make a difference across the world,” said Ford.

The Giving Machines are sponsored by the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints.

Also, if you can’t make it to the machines in person, you can make a donation at

100% of all donations go directly to participating charities.

Nonprofit beneficiaries this year include:

-Gleaners Food Bank

-Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis

-Flanner House

-American Red Cross

-Lifting Hands

-Mentors International


You can hear the full interview with Donnelly Ford below.