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Police lights and crime scene tape.

Source: (Photo by WISH-TV.)

INDIANAPOLIS — In the wake of a mass shooting during a Halloween party in Indianapolis, the cities of Chicago and Indianapolis have joined forces to seek justice. Chicago Case Files, an organization, is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the shooting that claimed the life of a teenage girl.


“The information I am getting is that an individual tried to get into the party wearing a ski mask,” said activist Andrew Holmes.


This joint effort hits close to home for Holmes, whose grandson, Terrell Sword, survived the attack but sustained severe injuries. Shockingly, Holmes was at the scene of a mass shooting in Chicago when he received the call about his grandson’s shooting in Indianapolis.


For Holmes, this was a painful reminder of a past tragedy. Eight years ago, his daughter Tamara Sword, who is also Terrell’s mother, was fatally shot in Indianapolis. She had stepped out with friends and was caught in the crossfire of a shooting.


Terrell Sword is currently recovering from his injuries, but the shooting left a total of 10 people wounded, with one teenage girl tragically losing her life. Together, Chicago and Indianapolis are determined to bring the culprits to justice and put an end to such senseless violence.”