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A portrait of Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita

Source: (PHOTO: Todd Rokita)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Supreme Court issued a public reprimand today for Attorney General Todd Rokita for his public comments regarding the Dr. Caitlin Bernard case.

Two justices argued for a harsher punishment, believing the discipline to be too lenient based on Rokita’s position as Attorney General.

The order reads: “The Court concludes that Respondent violated Indiana Professional Conduct Rules 3.6(a) and 4.4(a) by making an extrajudicial statement that had a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding and had no substantial purpose other than to embarrass or burden the physician. For Respondent’s professional misconduct, he is hereby publicly reprimanded. The costs of this proceeding are assessed against Respondent. Pursuant to the parties’ stipulation in their conditional agreement, the Court orders Respondent to pay $250.00 by check made payable and transmitted to the Clerk of the Indiana Supreme Court. The Clerk shall retain those funds in their entirety upon receipt. The parties further stipulate that the Commission’s investigation costs under Admission and Discipline Rule 23(21)(a)(1) remain to be determined. All Justices concur, except Rush, C.J., and Goff, J., who would reject the conditional agreement, believing the discipline to be too lenient based on the Respondent’s position as Attorney General and the scope and breadth of the admitted misconduct.”

Rokita issued a response Thursday afternoon:

“First things first: I deny and was not found to have violated anyone’s confidentiality or any laws. I was not fined. And I will continue as Indiana’s duly-elected attorney general.

Despite the failed attempt to derail our work which could have disenfranchised nearly 2 million voters, the largest amount in Indiana history for any state office candidate — it all boiled down to a truthful 16-word answer I gave over a year ago during an international media storm caused by an abortionist who put her interests above her patient’s.  I received public reprimand for saying that “…we have this abortion activist acting as a doctor— with a history of failing to report.”  

The mediamedical establishment and cancel cultureall on cue, supportedand then attempted to vindicate—the abortionist who intentionally exposed personal health information at a political rallall in furtherance of their shared ideological and business interests. 

These liberal activists would like to cancel your vote because they hate the fact I stand up for liberty. In the healthcare space alone, I stopped the vaccine mandatepublicly contested severely flawed Covid data, significantly curtailed Indiana’s abortion business and fined hospitals and healthcare providers for not putting patients’ privacy first. 

Having evidence and explanation for everything I said, I could have fought over those 16 words, but ending their campaign now will save a lot of taxpayer money and distraction, which is  also very important to me. In order to resolve this, I was required to sign an affidavit without any modifications. 

Now, I will focus even more resources on successfully defending Indiana’s laws, including our pro-life laws, and fighting the mob that silences parents, employees, conservative students, law enforcement, Believerof all faiths, American patriots and free enterprise itself.