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Todd Young

Source: (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — The U.S. must remain involved in resolving international conflicts, according to Indiana Sen. Todd Young.

Young, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is urging Americans to keep faith in American leadership internationally as wars between Ukraine and Russia and now between Israel and Hamas continue.

President Biden is asking Congress to pass additional funding to support both in a supplemental funding package worth roughly $106 billion. The package would also prop up the defense of Taiwan and the U.S.’s southern border. Biden made the request to Congress while Republicans were still at odds over the speakership.

With Mike Johnson settled as the new speaker, he and President Biden met this week to discuss the supplemental funding bill.

Sen. Mike Braun has come out against the bill saying that the two conflicts should not be treated as one. Braun said, “it would be wrong to leverage support of aid to Israel in an attempt to get additional aid for Ukraine across the finish line.”

Young disagrees, saying that the Ukrainian and Israeli conflicts are linked.

“This is such a dangerous time,” Young said at a gathering of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. “This is the most dangerous time of my lifetime from a geopolitical standpoint.”

With that in mind, Young said that he feels there is a natural tendency among the American people to withdraw inward and practice more isolationism as these conflicts play out.

He certainly understands these feelings as the U.S. continues to deal with rising national debt and other domestic issues that require lawmakers’ attention. Still, he said that no one else in the world has proven to be more capable of mediating through these conflicts than the United States.

“We have a body of international law that is largely shaped by the United States and our closest allies,” Young said. “Someone has to defend that order. For better or for worse people are looking to the United States because we have the wherewithal, we have the culture, we have the history, and I think we still have the will to do the hard things. I think that’s what’s at stake.”

Young added that no one is going to “weed the garden” without a lot of American leadership.

He said because of that, it’s imperative the U.S. continue to support Ukrainian freedom fighters and Israeli forces in both conflicts.