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crime scene with police tape

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INDIANAPOLIS — The union representing more than 3,000 police officers in Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Speedway, Cumberland, State Police, school police officers of all nine townships, and other law enforcement entities throughout Marion County is calling for a strong back-top-basics approach to crime-fighting.


The union released a statement following this weekend’s shooting at a Halloween party in Indianapolis that left a teenage girl dead and nine others injured.


“Once again, our Capital City has come face to face with itself in the mirror as we witness another mass casualty incident of Criminal Violence,” said FOP President Rick Snyder. “While some will trip over themselves to get in front of cameras to call for “Gun control” (like we saw following the FedEx Massacre, Broad Ripple Shooting(s), and the Multiple Violent Incidents Downtown), we will remain focused on outcomes.” 


Snyder said leaders calling for gun control lack the imagination needed to solve the problem.


“It doesn’t bear out being a feasible solution that addresses the issue,” he said. “As we’ve seen in years past, the FedEx Massacre, Broad Ripple Shootings, multiple incidents downtown, we have politicians in charge and other so-called advocates that will trip over themselves to get in front of television cameras to use those tragedies to call for more gun control.” 


He said the FOP would diligently pursue solutions from state leaders, with a clear focus on “criminal control” and “judicial reform,” as local officials have proven unwilling to take action to rectify the broken criminal justice system that encourages violent offenders. Accountability must be enforced for those who commit acts of violence, for those who should not possess firearms, and for those who enable them.


“We are currently averaging someone being shot or stabbed every seven hours and a person being killed every 39 hours in Indianapolis,” Snyder said.


He added that accountability needs to occur for violent criminals, prohibited possessors, and those who enable them.