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Bob Knight, the Hall of Fame coach who guided Indiana University’s Men’s basketball programs to three NCAA national championships, has passed away after a serious of recent illnesses.

He was 83. His 902 career Division One men’s basketball wins, 662 of which came at Indiana, were an NCAA record at the time of his 2008 retirement and stand today as the 5th highest total all time.

Robert Montgomery Knight was born October 25, 1940, in Massillon, Ohio, the only child of Pat, a railroad worker, and Hazel, a teacher. Bob Knight was raised in nearby Orville, Ohio, his close relationship with his live in Grandmother cultivating in him a love for history and a strong drive for personal success. In the vane of the latter, he grew into a star basketball player at Orrville High, where he graduated in 1958. – WIBC News 

Hammer and Nigel honored the legendary Indiana Hoosiers coach on today’s show. Hammer made the following observation: 

Although he’s not born in Indiana, he’s not a native Hoosier, I think a case can be made that he’s the most famous Hoosier. 

Coaches Steve Alford and Calbert Cheaney joined the show to share their memories about the legendary coach they played for. He was an icon here in Indiana and was one of Donald Trump’s most valued endorsement when Trump ran for President in 2016. 

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