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Who doesn’t get called an “idiot” by their boss every day? Oh, maybe a normal functioning and respectable workplace for instance!

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who has represented a district of Houston, TX for over 28 years, was caught cussing out members of her staff. The Current Revolt published leaked audio of the representative speaking with a male staff member about scheduling. After the staff member told Jackson Lee that another staff member had her schedule, she let him have it.

“When I called Jerome, he only sits up there like a fat a**, just talking about what the f*** he doesn’t know. Both of y’all are f***-ups…This is the worst sh*t that I could’ve ever had put together. Two g** d*mn big a** children. F***ing idiots. Serve no g** d*mn purpose.”

Congresswoman Jackson Lee has a history of berating staff members. In 2011, a staff member told the Daily Caller she used demeaning language and name-calling towards them. She was forced to resign as the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation after a former employee was suing her in 2019.

To put a cherry on this, Hillary Clinton has endorsed her for the upcoming Houston mayoral race.

This newly leaked rant got us thinking about other GREAT MOMENTS IN RECORDED CONVERSATION HISTORY!

Note: Due to the anger of each ‘hall-of-famer,’ each clip has lots and lots of foul language.

One of the G.O.A.T, Bob Knight, and his many pep talks will truly go down in history.

Who can forget when Hollywood’s Alec Baldwin left this lovely voicemail for his 12-year-old daughter, making sure to call her a ‘pig.’

Or what about this presidential moment from LBJ?



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Hear Rep. Jackson Lee’s audio, plus some other Hammer and Nigel favorites below: