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United Auto Workers Expand Strike To Ford Truck Plant In Kentucky

Source: Michael Swensen / Getty

STATEWIDE — The President of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW), Shawn Fain, says the Union may opt to escalate the ongoing strike against the Big Three Automakers in Detroit at any moment. In recent weeks, Fain has typically made such announcements during live appearances on the organization’s social media platforms.


Fain described this as a “new phase” in the ongoing struggle against General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis as the strike reached its fifth week. He says the Union is not following a specific timeline for extending their demands.


This week, the UAW changed its approach. The Union called on 8,700 workers at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant to stop working after Ford declined to offer an improved contract.


This month, General Motors fired 34 UAW employees at the Marion Metal Center and blamed the strike.


The Marion facility employs over 700 workers and produces sheet metal stamped components for Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles.


Stellantis temporarily laid off 700 Kokomo Transmission and Casting Plants workers in response to the ongoing UAW strike.


So far, the UAW has yet to ask employees at Indiana facilities to participate in the strike. The union demands pay increases, better benefits, and shorter work weeks.