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Alamo Drafthouse Location

Source: WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS--A new theater chain that is known for its film curation, food offerings, and distraction-free viewing experience is coming to Indianapolis soon.

On Tuesday, Sojos Capital announced that they will be bringing the first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to the northwest side of Indianapolis. Sojos Capital is an Indianapolis-based property management company. The groundbreaking was Tuesday.

The location for the theater will replace the old Georgetown Cinema on Lafayette Road across the street from Lafayette Square Mall. It will have a 14-screen theater with 1,000 seats. When you go to the theater, you can get made-from-scratch food items, beer on tap, and craft cocktails, all of which can be delivered to your seat.

Alamo Drafthouse also has a strict no-talking/no-texting policy to provide a “distraction-free moving experience.” There will also be surround sound and 4K projection for each screen.

“Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides a unique, cool and colorful experience that embraces the community that goes to the heart of our vision,” Fabio de la Cruz, principal of Sojos Capital, said in a news release. “Alamo will bring new life and energy to the neighborhood. We are standing by our commitment to revitalize the northwest side neighborhood and are excited to start our first commercial project of many in the area.”

The location will also be home to things like trivia nights, competitive karaoke, and other watch parties.

It’s supposed to open in the spring of 2024.