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In a surprising turn of events, Momo the monkey is on the loose in the bustling city of Indianapolis. Residents of the east side of the city were met with an unusual and unexpected sight as news spread of the elusive primate’s escape. The incident has sparked a citywide search, with concerned authorities and citizens working tirelessly to bring Momo to safety.

The drama began when Momo was last spotted on Gate Drive on the east side of Indianapolis, as reported in a social media post by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on a Wednesday evening. The news quickly captured the attention of local residents who couldn’t believe their eyes. A monkey, loose on the streets of Indianapolis, was certainly not an everyday occurrence.

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IMPD issued a statement, shedding light on the situation. While there were reports of minor injuries potentially linked to the monkey, they were unable to confirm if these injuries were caused by bites. This ambiguity only added to the intrigue surrounding Momo’s escape, leaving many questions unanswered.

The joint efforts of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Animal Care Services are currently focused on locating and safely apprehending the monkey. Their dedication to the cause is apparent, as they tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of both the residents and the monkey itself. It’s worth noting that Momo appears to be privately owned, which further complicates the situation.

Initially reported missing near the 500 block of Ironridge Court, south of East Washington Street and South Mitthoefer Road, Momo’s escape has prompted a community-wide response. The search for the runaway monkey has brought residents together, exemplifying the spirit of camaraderie that defines Indianapolis.

As the search continues, the city remains on alert, and residents are urged to exercise caution if they encounter Momo. With each passing day, the mystery surrounding the monkey’s escape deepens, and the residents of Indianapolis hold their collective breath, hoping for a safe and swift resolution to this unusual situation.

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