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After the mass disappointment from last night’s GOP debate, the real winner was clearly former President Donald Trump. Ironically enough, Trump wasn’t even in attendance.

Trump ditched the GOP debate to visit the frontlines of Union Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Former Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan Tudor Dixon believes this was a smart move from the former president. Dixon said that Trump chose to focus not on the negotiations of the UAW, but the lack of job security the crowd would have if Democrats win re-election. Trump told those in attendance that with the Biden administration’s push of electric vehicles, their jobs could become obsolete.

Dixon says the problem with the Republican party is they are not getting their messaging across the way the left continually pushes theirs. Although the union has a history of voting blue, she sees more auto workers taking a hard look at the future.

“They historically have felt like they are pulled a certain way, but Donald Trump changed that (in 2016.) They saw the writing on the wall and said ‘hey we want to keep our industry here.’ In Michigan, we’ve been hurt. We’ve seen a lot of factories close. We’ve seen factories go to Mexico, we saw that wave. We saw the bailout, and we saw that wave of suppliers that closed. So, the working folks are really looking at this and saying ‘let me really consider, are the Democrats looking out for us right now’…”

Tudor Dixon joined the Hammer and Nigel show to discuss if Trump’s visit to her home state will make a difference for his campaign. She also touches on where she sees the Democratic party heading for the 2024 election.

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