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l The second GOP primary debate was last night, and like the first it happened without former President Donald Trump.

While the other GOP candidates were attempting to talk over each other, Donald Trump had a rally in Detroit. He delivered the quote of the night “The only time Biden has gotten his hands dirty is when he’s taking cash from foreign countries.”

That is a great line. If he had said that at the debate, then that would have been the headline. Instead, the headline is Chris Christie’s awful joke. While discussing the idea of bringing law and order back to the country, Christie went for it.

He stared deeply into the camera as if he was addressing the entire Republican Party.

“And Donald Trump should be here to answer for that,” he said. “But he’s not. I want to look at that camera right now. Tell you, Donald, I know you’re watching. You can’t help yourself. I know you’re watching.”

The political afterthought continued:

“You’re not here tonight. Not because of polls and not because of your indictments. You’re not here tonight because you’re afraid of being on the stage and defending your record.You’re ducking these things. And let me tell you what’s going to happen, you keep doing that. No one up here is going to call you Donald Trump anymore. We’re going to call you ‘Donald Duck.’”

It is the worst joke ever. It was clearly rehearsed, and it is the talking point of the debate because none of the other GOP candidates said anything of substance.

The candidates were constantly talking over one another, and the moderators stunk. They asked bad questions. It felt like every question asked was a “gotcha” question. All in all, it was not a great night for the GOP candidates on that stage.

It was a great night for Trump. He did not attend the debate, and it feels like he won the night.

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